Who’s In Who’s Out – World Cup 2010 2nd Round

First I would like to say farewell to Italy and France, finalist of 2006, and the other teams that didn’t make to the 2nd round. Then, congratulation to Uruguay, South Korea, USA, Ghana, Germany, England, Argentina, Mexico, Holland, Slovakia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Japan, Spain and Portugal.

USA, you deserved to win! The way you played was amazing. That goes the same with England, Argentina, Mexico and Germany…..oh I miss Ballack!

For Brazil, they won the game as Fabiano’s hand’s ball goal was counted and ended up playing like a brother against a brother with Portugal, and KAKA was watching from the grandstand as if whispering, “RONALDO, I didn’t betray YOU!”

I’m not a Portugal’s supporter but I’m a big fan of Deco and Jose Mourinho.

Is there something wrong with Chile’s goalkeeper during the 1st goal? It looked like as if he was willing to give them the goal!

All the best to the world cup newbie, Slovakia. As for Ghana, best wishes to them.

Finally go Japan and South Korea, make Asia proud!!!


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