A Perfect Stranger

I would like to share the novel that I’ve just finished reading. I read it twice, for the first time it was 14 years ago. When I started reading, I just couldn’t stop. It was mesmerizing me.
The book says:  ‘Someday’…
Oppsss….for me  ‘Someday’  sometimes never come.

Excerpt from the book.

A Perfect Stranger by Danielle Steel

‘People spend a lifetime looking for love, wanting it, needing it, seeking it, and most of the time they don’t find it. But once in a while, once in a great while, it comes to you, it throws itself  in your lap, pounds on your door and says “Here I am, take me I’m yours”. When it comes, how can you turn away from it? How can you say “not now, maybe later”? How can you take that chance, knowing that the opportunity may never come again?’…..Alexander Hale

‘But why, for God’s sake, why?!’
‘Because if you have no honour, I do. You are breaking every promise you ever made when you married John Henry….’
‘But Papa… I love this man. Must I be so perfect. Must I be so very strong?’…..Raphaella

‘Giving birth to a baby doesn’t make a woman a mother. Loving that child and caring for it and about it, sitting with it when it’s sick, and making it happy and being its friend, that’s what makes a mother’…..Amanda

‘She wants to bury herself alive here’…..Charlotte Brandon

‘Think of me not as gone but as free’………John Henry Phillips

After the collapse of his first marriage, Alex Hale fears he will never find happiness again.
Young, rich and desperately lonely, Raphaella is sentenced to an empty life in her mansion, bound by a sense of honour and duty to her elderly and lovely husband.
Alex and Raphaella are worlds apart when life conspires to bring them together. But theirs is a love affair of stolen moments and the promise of tomorrow. Is it possible to find happiness with a perfect stranger?
But it said  ‘Someday’ . Just one word. It meant that someday they would be together, for always. Someday…….

May you find what you want in life,
know it when you see it, and
have the good luck to get it –
and keep it!!!



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