Night walk at Singapore Civic District

Marina Sands SkyPark

Marina Sands SkyPark, a boat on the roof top

Take a night walk with my family, from Clifford Pier to Merlion Park the Civic District, city of Singapore. A lot of changed here. Malay used to call the Merlion, ‘singa muntah’, because it releases water from its mouth.

I always go to this place while I was young with my sisters, Padang, Satay Club and we were walking along to Shenton Way Food Center.

maqam Habib Noh

maqam Habib Noh by Google

My favourite place from then till now is The Maqam Habib Noh at Palmer Road, the tomb of Habib Noh bin Mohamed al-Habshi, a mystique who died in 1866. The maqam was built in 1890 by Syed Mohammed bin Ahmed Alsagoff and is still maintained by his descendents.

Sightseeing along Clifford Pier and Merlion Park, took some photos of the surrounding, maybe the photos are not very sharp but it’s still OK to be viewed.

Victoria Hall

Victoria Hall by Google

We had  fun walking here until late night; it’s time to go home. Walking towards Empress Place to the bus station. There, The Victoria Theater and Concert Hall joined by a Clock Tower, the heart of Singapore’s Civic District is one of the most historically versatile buildings in all of Singapore is under major renovations.

Some photos, Singapore at Night


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  1. so beautiful…
    ehhh… Merlion. cool! 🙂

  2. Heeemmmm… Indah banget 😛

  3. I like it 🙄
    :mrgreen: 😀 😀
    ada kabar dik fika bunda, bisa dibaca dipostingq

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