Eidul Adha 1432

Ahad,10 Zulhijja 1432 bersamaan 6 November 2011.
Selamat meraikan Eidul Adha
Kembali kepada DIA
Hanya bersamaNYA

Aku sahut panggilan-Mu  Ya Allah.Aku sahut

Aku sahut panggilan-Mu

dan tiada sekutu apapun bagi-Mu….

Sesungguhnya segala puji-pujian..dan nikmat..

dan kerajaan… hanya kepunyaan-Mu yang tiada sekutu bagi-Mu

About bintangzohra

I am who I am and I do what I have to do. My worship, my sacrifice, my living, my dying are for HIM

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  1. I think it will look more cool if you make the goat look as if it is peeking out from behind the Kaaba.. Anyway, it is still a great pic.. Nice job there!! Ouh, happy belated haj?? Haha!!!

    P.S I was engulfed with a mixture of feelings when I watched the video…🙂

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