“That’s OK honey,” women always say

Women say what we think, but we do not always mean what we say.
Speaking as a woman, this makes perfect sense to me.  However, without a doubt…a man is completely perplexed.
A man never seems to understand the female mind.  For instance, after a man has completely managed to piss a woman off by..let’s say….by forgetting her birthday.  (Yep, that’s a BIG NoNo!!!)
Let’s say our poor, poor victim, a man-who-is-about-to-die, not only has the NERVE to forget woman’s birthday, but also has the stupidity to believe her when she says, “Oh, that’s OK Honey.  I understand.”
All I have to say to you, man-who-is-about-to-die is “DUH!”
If you actually believe woman when she says something like that, how have you managed to survive this long?  I mean really, I can’t believe a woman hasn’t beaten you to death with a rolling-pin yet.  Get real!  Any woman can tell you the words “I understand” being uttered after as giant a sin as FORGETTING her birthday roughly translated means, “You had better kiss my ….
read more: Mantasy  by Renee Robinson

I agree with the author, we as a woman, we say what we think, but we do not always mean what we say and men are completely perplexed.

Those men who say that he do not understand women are in fact couldn’t be bothered to understand them.
Is it a wasting of time or there are other more important things to do?!
Their mind is only controlled by facts and theory.
Unlike women… they’re seeking for love, affection and attention and most importantly… they are filled with compassion which is an invaluable gem that men dumbly mock at!!!

Some women take seriously about their birthday, but it’s not for me. I would rather if they forgetting my birthday instead of these three things listed below:

Three –3 major things that men do without realizing it:

  • do not fulfilled their words=broken promises
  • do not care of women’s feelings
  • precede their hobby than women

When these things happened, women always say… “Oh, that’s OK Honey. I understand!!!”
– And you know what does it mean.
         HEARTBREAK, it don’t breakeven   


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I am who I am and I do what I have to do. My worship, my sacrifice, my living, my dying are for HIM

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  1. ehm, englishku ngga cukup memahami 😦

  2. hehe .. yes … alamak kena banyak blaja tentang wanita … 😀

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